what kind of feed acidifiers is the best?

أي نوع من محمضات الأعلاف هو الأفضل؟

In recent years, as an efficient, non-polluting and non-residual feed additive, acidifiers have been listed as new types of green feed additives with probiotics, enzyme preparations, and flavoring agents. The application of feed acidifiers has also become increasingly common. At present, acidifiers have been widely used in piglet feed, poultry feed, silage, etc. The effect is significant, but there are still some problems, such as some acidifiers are not stable, additives are large, high cost, premixed Inconvenient materials, some alkaline substances in the feed often neutralize some of the added acid, absorb too fast in the stomach, inhibit the normal development of gastric acid secretion and stomach function, cause hygroscopic agglomeration, corrosion processing machinery, and transport equipment.

At present, there are many acidifiers on the market at home and abroad. According to different classification methods, they can be divided into organic and inorganic acids, single acids and compound acids. The compound acid may be a complex organic acid or an organic and inorganic compound acid. Organic acids can be classified as macromolecular organic acids (lactic acid CH3CH(OH)COOH, molecular weight 90; citric acid C3H4-OH-(COOH)3, molecular weight 192; fumaric acid COOHCH=CHCOOH, molecular weight 116; sorbic acid CH3CH=CHCH=CHCOOH, Molecular weight 112) and small molecule organic acid (formic acid CH2O2, molecular weight 46; acetic acid C2H4O2, molecular weight 60; propionic acid C3H6O2, molecular weight 74; butyric acid CH3(CH2)2COOH, molecular weight 88). Inorganic acid is mainly orthophosphoric acid. The pros and cons of acidifiers are not only closely related to their active ingredients and content, but also greatly affected by factors such as production processes. How to select a good acidifier from many similar products is a problem for feed production and animal producers.

The author believes that to choose a good acidifier product, we must first have a clear understanding of the functions that an acidifier should have. In addition, we must have a clear and objective understanding of various products, so as to be able to target.

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