Amino Acids

تأثير الميثيونين المحمي على الكرش في أبقار الألبان

  1. Impact on feed intake

The current research results cannot determine whether rumen protected methionine can increase the feed intake of dairy cows. The addition of rumen protected methionine to the diets of meat and bone meal and corn distiller’s grains significantly increases the dry matter intake. However, the use of meat and bone meal and hydrolyzed feather meal as Adding rumen protected methionine to main protein feeds and soybean meal diets cannot increase dry matter intake. Therefore, the influence of rumen protected methionine on dry matter intake is related to the composition of the basal diet.

2.Impact on the environment of the rumen

The stability of the rumen environment is an important guarantee for the high yield of dairy cows. Studies have shown that when 25% of rumen nitrogen comes from amino acids, the growth of rumen microorganisms is best

3.Influence on milk production and milk composition

Milk production and milk composition are important indicators to measure the effectiveness of rumen protected methionine. The research results of the effects of adding RP-Met on milk production and milk composition are not completely consistent, and are affected by various factors such as animal species, age, body condition, and basic diet.