The effect of the feed flavors.

تأثير نكهات الأعلاف.

Feed flavors, also known as attractants and appetite enhancers, are closely related to animal functions such as taste, smell, respiratory system and digestive system. Many production practices have proven.

(1) The feed flavor can supplement the natural flavor missing in the feed processing, masking the bad odors such as minerals, vitamins and drugs in the compound feed to improve the palatability of the feed.

(2) attracting effect

The aroma of the attractant can improve the surrounding odor and stimulate the sense of smell, attracting pigs to feed, causing appetite, improving the palatability of the feed, increasing feed intake and feed conversion rate, and further exerting the production potential of the animal, especially It is an early production potential.

Piglet feeding

From eating milk to eating compound feed. The piglets began to replenish on the sixth and seventh days after birth, and the trained pigs were only familiar with the compound feed. When weaning, you can eat a lot of compound feed.

The effect of the feed flavors.
The effect of the feed flavors.
Fish feed flavour

2. Feed formula change

The composition of the feed structure has changed and the palatability is different. Pigs are very sensitive to this. Feed seasonings can effectively ensure the feed intake of pigs changing diets, meet the nutritional needs of pigs at different growth stages, improve the utilization of unconventional feed, and improve animal performance.

(3) Stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and increase the rate of nutrient digestion and absorption.

Feed attractant can stimulate the visual, taste, smell, causing a large amount of secretion of saliva, gastric juice, intestinal juice, pancreatic juice, etc., increase the content of digestive enzymes, enhance the movement of the digestive tract, and fully absorb the nutrients in the feed, which helps the animal glands Growth and development.

(4) Increasing the feed intake of animals under stress.

Piglet weaning

Improve the feed flavor of weaned piglets and attract them to eat as early as possible, and give a “comfort” to overcome and eliminate weaning stress and growth retardation syndrome, promote early weaning and shorten the lactation period of females and improve fertility.

2. Animals transfer group The growth environment changes and pigs are not used to the new environment.

3. Weather changes The effects of high temperature and low temperature are abnormal in the body.

4. Disease The pig’s appetite is reduced.

The above conditions change the livestock and poultry, resulting in a decrease in feed intake. Adding a attractant can alleviate the stress, stimulate the appetite of the pig, and ensure a certain feed intake.

(5) Conducive to the development of feed resources and the use of substitutes, the development of cheap plant protein raw materials, and reduce feed costs. Develop new feed resource changes.

(6) Enhancing the competitiveness of feed products

When the feed is sent to the farm, the pig producer can only judge the quality of the feed through the appearance and scent of the feed. The application of the flavor can effectively ensure the flavor and flavor of a product and improve the quality of the product. . It can also prevent feed products from being counterfeited and enhance the market competitiveness of feed products. After pigs have identified a certain flavor of feed, it is not easy to refuel. Ensure the market share.

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