Phytase for poultry feed and pig feed

س: بالنسبة لإنزيم التغذية، هل كلما زاد نشاط الإنزيم، كان ذلك أفضل؟

Q:For feed Enzyme, is the higher the enzyme activity, the better?

A:Not necessarily, it depends on the type of enzyme. Endogenous digestive enzymes such as amylase and protease have an upper limit. When excessive dosage is added, it is easy to cause damage to the oral mucosa and intestinal structure, and it is also easy to produce negative feedback inhibition of the secretion of endogenous enzymes. Feed Enzyme such as protease and non-starch polysaccharase that cannot be secreted by animals are called harmless enzymes and can be added in excessive doses. However, there will be a marginal diminishing effect in the actual use process. It is necessary to consider the addition cost and Use between effects to determine exact dosage. Functional Feed Enzyme such as glucose oxidase need to be added reasonably within the safety range, and the relationship between application cost and use effect needs to be balanced.

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