The function of garlic allicin powder

وظيفة مسحوق الثوم الأليسين

  1. Increase the palatability of feed and promote growth. garlic allicin powder has a fragrance, which can eliminate the bad taste brought by drugs and other substances in the feed, thereby improving the palatability of the feed. In addition, most animals, especially fish and poultry, like the smell of garlic allicin powder, and shrimp and pigs will also like it after 2-3 days of adaptation. Therefore, garlic allicin powder can stimulate the sense of smell and taste of animals, improve their appetite, and increase the feed intake of animals.
  2. Enhance the immune function of the body and prevent and treat diseases. The disulfide and trisulfide in garlic allicin powder can penetrate the cell membrane of the bacteria and enter the cytoplasm, oxidizing the enzymes containing sulfhydryl groups into disulfide bonds, thereby inhibiting cell division and destroying the normal metabolism of bacteria and cancer cells.
  3. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. garlic allicin powder can improve the function of various system tissues, promote animal gastrointestinal motility, and regulate the secretion of various digestive enzymes in the body, thereby improving the utilization rate of feed and animal weight gain, and increasing economic benefits.
  4. Improve the quality of livestock and poultry products and protect the environment. garlic allicin powder can kill germs, reduce the dosage of antibiotics, and can better solve the problem of drug residues in livestock and poultry products. According to Huang Yude’s test, garlic allicin powder can inhibit harmful bacteria and promote beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus casei, which prolongs the shelf life of milk produced by dairy cows that eat garlic allicin powder-containing feed, and tastes more delicious.

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